This month we have some dope sneaker heads! Their sneaker game is ridiculous, seriously. Allow me to introduce you to the April #TomboyChicThursday ladies! When they arrived on set wearing the same shades I just knew I picked the right set of ladies AGAIN! They don’t know each other and they’ve never met before but their outfits coordinated perfectly. I purposely pair ladies based on their style, their interests or what they do for living but this type of coincidence happens when the universe believes in your vision! I hear you higher power! 


Alissa is the founder of the female sneaker fashion blog @ForTheKickOfIt and Brittany aka B. Will is the sneaker buyer and owner of Sole Sense, the one stop shop for exclusive kicks for women!

Follow them and keep your eyes locked for next weeks first interview of the month with Alissa! 

Alissa:  @yo_monalissa

B. Will: @_iam_b_will